Missouri Hemp Conference Attracts Health and Wellness Companies


Heather and I recently had the pleasure of attending the Missouri Hemp Conference 2019, hosted by the Missouri Hemp Association. Held in Columbia, MO, attendees travelled from all over to attend the sold out event in the heart of Missouri. The conference featured several hemp thought leaders presenting education to a sold out crowd of over 250 people, all excited to learn more about this booming opportunity for global agricultural. Dale Ludwig, the Executive Director of the Missouri Hemp Association, made a comment in his opening remarks that hit home with our mission at Green House Healthy, when he told the crowd he believes hemp has an important role to play in the prevention of diseases and conditions, versus treating them after they’ve developed, and we couldn’t agree more.

“Antonio and I are from Missouri”, said Green House Healthy Founder and CEO, Heather DeRose, “I graduated from the University of Missouri right here in Columbia, and I’m very happy to see this many people showing up to learn more about something I’m so passionate about, which is hemp and cannabis.”

Heather and I met a bunch of great new people, including the Founder and Owner of Teabiotics, who has a CBD infused kombucha we both love. My favorite is the Cherry Lime and Heather’s is the Beach Life. Each bottle contains 20mg of CBD from an organic CBD hemp concentrate. Check our their page for all their flavors and locations. 


We also met with Elder Farms and had a great conversation about plants for health and wellness! They have a product called HempBerry, which combines the natural health benefits of CBD with the powerful immune boosting properties of elderberries which we will most definitely be trying. 

The conference was a great opportunity to network with the agricultural and hemp communities within Missouri, and we had a great time. The Missouri Hemp Association plans to hold another hemp conference in Kansas City in January. Visit their site to learn more about what they do.