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Missouri Hemp Conference Attracts Health and Wellness Companies

Heather and I recently had the pleasure of attending the Missouri Hemp Conference 2019, hosted by the Missouri Hemp Association. Held in Columbia, MO, attendees travelled from all over to attend the sold out event in the heart of Missouri. The conference featured several hemp thought leaders presenting education to a sold out crowd of over 250 people, all excited to learn more about this booming opportunity for global agricultural.

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Hemp Houses for Health – 5 Reasons Why Hemp Houses are the Way to Go

The average person spends 95% of their life indoors. This is the first time in history that individuals have been so disconnected from the planet and confined inside our schools, workplaces and homes. The buildings we spend our time in are often full of toxins such as pesticides, molds and several other harmful fumes from furniture, paint and carpet adhesives. With many taking their overall health and wellness into consideration, using a healthier building material, such as hempcrete, may be a perfect solution.

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