Green House Healthy Athletes Complete First Half Trail Marathon


Heather and I completed our first half trail marathon on Saturday, August, 20th, as part of the Green House Healthy 2019 Trail Marathon Challenge! The Run the Rockies Half Trail Marathon course was incredibly beautiful, the rain extra challenging, making the finish even more rewarding. Heather’s time was 2:48:26 and mine was 2:23:04.

We both consumed cannabis flower about 30 minutes before the race start, out of a glass bowl. Thank you to Vision One Naturals for hooking us up with a bunch of products to keep us on top of our game. We started our our morning of the race with the Vision One Naturals CBD Coffee, which was absolutely delicious. Each of us put on Vision One Naturals Muscle Rub on our knees and ankles before the race, and consumed a dropper full of the Vision One Naturals Inflammation tincture. It’s easily one of Heather and my favorite tinctures. After the race, we smoked some more cannabis flower and ate some Wana Brand 20mg THC gummies. Heather had 20mg, and I had 40mg. Then we both consumed a few droppers of the Vision One Naturals Inflammation tincture, and the Vision One Naturals Pure CBD tincture, followed by more of their Muscle Rub. I had some pain in my knees after, so I applied a lot of the Muscle Rub on the fronts and backs of my knees, and around my elbows, which are another nerve center. 


Heather felt so good after the half marathon she even went on a 2 mile hike a few hours later. I swear, she’s such a badass. Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up with her. My knees weren’t up to the hike so I hung back, but the next day we took an early 2 mile hike up to Rainbow Lake in Frisco before packing up and heading home. We even stopped at the top of the lake to consume some cannabis flower in the paradise of nature. 

Our miles for the half marathon and all of our hikes counted for the Green House Healthy Charity Miles Team. Heather and I both donated our miles to the ALS Association. We chose to donate the miles to the ALS Association because we were running in the Rocky Mountains and have previously met the Director of the ALS Association Rocky Mountain Chapter, at a fundraiser dinner hosted by Irie Weddings and Events. We have been told the donations from our Charity Miles will go to the closest chapter association to your location, so we wanted to give back to the community where we were running. Everyone is invited to join our team on Charity Miles. It’s free, and can be done from anywhere in the world, just ask us how!

We’re looking at adding some extra races to the Green House Healthy 2019 Trail Marathon Challenge, so look out for news dropping when we confirm any new additions. What are your favorite races to attend? Currently, our next race is the Wildwood Full Trail Marathon in Wildwood, Missouri, on December 8th. This will be our first full marathon as we continue our mission to push ourselves mentally and physically to achieve new goals with the help of cannabis. 

Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors who help support us in our mission to educate about the benefits of cannabis for fitness, and overall health and wellness!


Cannabis Science Conference


Colorado NORML

Missouri NORML

Hemp Way Foods

Grass Roots America Magazine


Heather will also be speaking this weekend at the CannaGrow Expo, in Palm Springs, CA, which takes place August 17-19th. Her presentation is titled, Clean Cultivation: Why Consumers Want Organic Cannabis & What Producers Can Do To Meet The Demand. Get your tickets today and use code ‘DEROSE’ for $20 OFF! 

Then, in September, we’re presenting Cannabinoids for Fitness at the Cannabis Science Conference West in Portland, Oregon, and covering the athlete panel as press. We have a little time off before heading to Jamaica for the Green House Healthy Retreat Jamaica at Go Natural. Once we’ve relaxed and restored ourselves, we will then be heading to Montego Bay to speak at CanEx Jamaica on the Sports, Cannabis, & CBD Panel.