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Green House Healthy Athletes Complete First Half Trail Marathon

Heather and I completed our first half trail marathon on Saturday, August, 20th, as part of the Green House Healthy 2019 Trail Marathon Challenge! The Run the Rockies Half Trail Marathon course was incredibly beautiful, the rain extra challenging, making the finish even more rewarding. Heather’s time was 2:48:26 and mine was 2:23:04.

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Athletes and More at The Cannabis Science Conference West

The Cannabis Science Conference is the world’s largest, fastest growing, and most technical cannabis science expos. This year’s fourth return to Portland, Oregon is September 4-6 and there’s still time to get your tickets! The Plenary Speakers, “Amazon” John Easterling and special guest Olivia Newton John will be presenting the plenary address titled, “Plant Medicine - A Personal Healing Journey.”

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Top 5 Benefits of CBG for Fitness

One of my jobs in the cannabis industry is a product tester. I recently had the chance to try out some of the Northern Lights flower from Leafs By Snoop, and its potency test came back with 1.2% CBG. I know a lot about the benefits of THC and CBD, but not so much about CBG. This made me do a little research to find out how I could benefit from CBG as an athlete. What I found out was great to know, and I wanted to pass along some bullet points.

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